Saturday, 29 December 2012

Water, water everywhere

It's still raining but aided by gale-force winds for a change, concocted to stop us getting bored I suppose. This boating idea is becoming more relevant and foresighted by the day. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but we should have aimed higher at the design stage to allow space for two of each animal, a real Tardis. We have sorted-out a cat flap and the subsequent security issues it raises. We just need to run it past Stensons in the New Year. Our cats are both female which does not bode well for the species. A fellow Christmas night victim today pointed-out the cannabis factory closed the day after the "party", which is a shame as my near-ready banana crop is now suffering with the cold and I have no way of saving it without the free heat and light supply from next door. What comes around goes around. We are beginning to plan for the official launch day (when TARDIS TWO can be sailed-away as a complete mobile home). Who to invite? Where can they stay? Dress code? Any vegetarians? What does everyone drink? What size life jackets? Children's oxygen tanks? Once the full completion date is known by us you'll be the next to know. Do not book anything for early February 2013.

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