Wednesday 19 December 2012

Narrow cats from Stensons

As the day of boat "launch" looms excitement is growing. I wonder if they'll gift wrap her in giant sheets of Father Christmas paper and tinsel? The event is actually a "float" rather than a "launch" as Tardis Two has still to be fitted out and painted, but I suppose they have to check all the under-water welds are secure prior to completing more work on her. Also she will not gracefully glide down a giant chute into the water after a bottle of best champagne has been broken on her hull. I'm not sure but I think she will be craned into the marina and pulled into the fitting bay. Somewhat less romantic, but not to worry. I'll let you know tomorrow. Many months ago I emailed Terry Darlington of "Narrow dog to Carcassonne" and "Narrow dog to Wigan pier" fame requesting he, his whippet Jim and/or long-suffering wife Monica performed the launch ceremony for us, but he is a busy guy and recently suffered a stroke (I think) so I'm not surprised I have not heard from him. Pity, but hey-ho, life goes on.If you get the chance and can get used to his unique writing style both books are highly recommended as entertaining reads, but make sure you read them in the order listed above as there are several links between them. Check-out his website. We have often discussed obtaining a whippet for our travels but have finally settled on our two cats as adequate substitutes, providing they like boat-life somewhat better than Jim.

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