Thursday 20 December 2012


Launch weather was abysmal. Rain,rain and yet more rain. The flood plains were, well............flooded, as were all roads to Stensons. Somehow the car got through at least proving the doors are water-tight. Tardis Two stood in all her glory on a giant trolley next to the canal ready to be pushed-in by a fork lift truck (who said romance is dead?).She slowly entered the canal via a ramp, eventually floating off the trolley. We had forgotten the champagne so it was a good job the Queen did not have a wasted journey. T2 floated perfectly and was pulled gracefully into the floating fit-out bay where the welders hurredly searched for leaks but none were found.The engine and bow-thrusters are already fitted so all that's left for after Christmas are windows, doors,all the home comforts and us. The best Christmas present ever. Top that. Forcing the car through yet more floods (only deeper) we made it to the Dragon for a celebratory meal and small alcoholic beverage to remain within drink-driving laws. Quite rightly it is an offence to drive a small car after drinking but I'm not sure the same applies to a 20 ton narrowboat?

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