Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bus crash mystery

After the excitement of yesterday and a really oddball dream (more about that later) today will be spent travelling to Chislehurst, Surrey (famous for caves)to attend the WWF Bromley Supporters Group annual Christmas get-together. From the mid 70's to the early 90's I was the Bromley group secretary, responsible for membership, newsletters, coach trips and regular wildlife films and/or talks by well-known wildlife personalities, in addition to manning stalls at fetes and other events raising money for the WWF, this being the time of "save the wales"(as in mammals,not country) and "save the tiger" campaigns. WWF was, and is, a well-respected conservation organisation which tends to deal directly with Governments to set up nature reserves, national parks and programmes to protect wildlife and habitats, as opposed to Greenpeace who tend to take direct and more spectacular action to achieve the same goals. Opposite ends of the spectrum. As you would expect, I remain a member of both. Back to the dream: For some unexplained reason I was driving a red London Routemaster double-deck bus when I came across a crash between two motorcyclists on a roundabout. All roads were blocked. In a valiant attempt to maintain my bus schedule I opted to take an unofficial route the wrong way round the roundabout where traffic congestion appeared less. Needless to say I hit several cars and ended-up T-boning another Routemaster.Luckily a lorry mechanic was on board with his toolkit and we decided to dis-entangle both buses by removing the bodywork. Thereafter I was able to drive the chassis, without bodywork but including passengers, to the local bus depot, only slightly later than scheduled.An analysis of said dream would be of great interest !!.

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