Monday 24 December 2012

Woodstock nostalgia

Do you ever get a day when a very old tune, often with fond memories, sticks in your brain and remains on "replay" whatever you do? Yesterday was mine. "Lay down" by Melanie - how obscure is that? Whatever happened to Melanie? Who cares and who the hell is Melanie, I hear you say. Lynne went last-minute food shopping in M&S at 01.45am (yes, you read that correctly) whilst I wisely stayed in bed quietly humming the aforementioned one and only Melanie hit. However, I did help her unload the car (Lynne - not Melanie) this morning at a more civilised hour. As you can imagine it is another slow news day as regards the boat so all that remains is to wish you a very happy Christmas and remind you to keep chasing your dream in 2013.

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