Thursday 13 December 2012


After my raptures about northern weather yesterday I awoke to a very cold white frost at midday. I blame it on the extreme concentration of driving in very thick fog.It was too late for brunch but I managed lunchfast before tackling a couple of electrical jobs. First the non-working security still doesn't work. Then the non-working lounge still doesn't work. Electrician booked for tomorrow. A blog reader has queried why this one refers to a boat in the title but carries very few boat references in the text. Apologies for that but as soon as TARDIS TWO is launched in the New Year boat references will be posted daily. Today the completed hull sides and internal cabin have been insulated with polyurethane spray foam. The cabin floor base has also been fitted. I am constantly asked if we have planned a route and my answer has always been, "we'll go in the direction the boat is facing when launched". No route has always been the plan but we have been requested to stay in or near the boatyard area for 2 to 3 weeks just in case anything needs tweaking. Someone mentioned the Leicestershire ring, which looks appealing, taking in Burton-upon-Trent, Tamworth, Nuneaton, Leicester and Loughborough, taking approx 70 hours cruising, 101 locks and 5 tunnels.

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