Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Boat, Sky and Birmingham

As you can see, the wait was well worthwhile. She now has a cabin and roof and looks magnificent. A real boat. Marian is to let us know when it will be floated into the cabin fit-out bay so more photo's to follow. Wilf the welder, who has lived on a boat since the year dot stated the first five years are like a holiday and it gets better from thereon. The Sky man (David Bowie 19??) called this morning to reconnect our TV and told us he had lived on a boat for much of his early life whilst instructing us on the easiest way to have Sky on the boat. Small world. Retrospective thoughts on Birmingham: Basically a knot of motorways with the occasional high-rise flats and factory units to enhance the aesthetics. Who in their right mind would authorise the iconic Fort Dunlop to become a Travelodge? However, once off the motorways it becomes an almost "normal" city. On the plus side it has a fine array of pylon designs and much time is spent actually in the cloud formations. One roundabout is apparently adorned with large chunks of recycled steel railway bridges. Our visit coincided with the presentation of two rainbows so the downsides were minimised. Apparently it has the best curry houses in Britain, but I have yet to test that accolade. In the old mods and rockers age some of my friends made a regular pilgrimage to Birmingham from London on their tiger-tailed mopeds just to sample the curries, so who am I to argue?

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