Tuesday 18 December 2012

Feeling my age

Our youngest (21) son has arrived for a few days relaxation, overdose on Top Gear and have three tons of washing done. It does nothing for my ego having to admit my youngest child is 21, believe me. The local hairdresser asked me if I had the day off work last time I went for a haircut. to which I answered "I'm retired". You don't look old enough to be retired she said. Needless to say she now regularly cuts my hair (all 2 of them). I left the shop with a broad smile and inflated ego. I recommended Specsavers. I found myself talking to the dishwasher this morning, it having been disabled for a couple of days Sad,eh? The TV having power was very timely as Reading v Arsenal was on Sky last night. I know this is not the time to gloat but the score was 2 - 5. No boat news today.

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