Monday 17 December 2012

Power struggle

For those of you waiting for a blog yesterday as promised, sincere apologies. This was caused by reasons beyond my power (pun intended).Having restored light to our living room the electrician left us fully functioning electrically. That is until late afternoon when the power points to the right of the house suddenly stopped working, Christmas tree and all. Despite our frantic efforts no fault or reason could be found , so we connected the fridge/freezer back to power via an extension lead to the left side of the house, which we subsequently abandoned for our planned weekend trip to London. On return all was well (or half-well) until power was suddenly lost to all electric points, computer and all. The fridge/freezer was connected back to power via an extension lead to our next-door neighbours shed and we retreated to bed, awaiting another visit from the electrician today, who soon traced the fault to the junction box. A quick repair and off he went again, leaving us fully powered and re-connected to the world, so here I am. I cannot avoid mentioning the Watford gap phenomina ocurred yet again yesterday when the temperature increased one degree. The good news is the boat will be floated for the first time on Thursday. From the welding shed it will be launched and floated (hopefully)into the fit-out bay. We intend to be there!

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