Saturday 18 July 2015

Accident assessment

The morning after the night before. 
I was unable to get in or out of bed due to the mattress height and awkwardness of dragging myself on to it, so Lynne made up the"spare" bed for me which was much more practical. To add to my woes two boats moored either side of us ( the honeypot syndrome ) containing supervised hooligan boys and girls aged from early to late teens, who proceeded to rampage along the tow path using foul language until Lynne complained to the"supervisor", which had very limited affect until another boater did the same, followed by yet another, but far more aggressively. The hooligans left very quietly early this morning.
In the circumstances I slept quite well although the top of my right index finger and nail resembled a licorice all-sort and throbbed accordingly.
I still cannot recall what happened on the lock, other than attempting to help a little old lady with her parallel lock and landing in the water, for which she thanked me profusely as she helped the lock keeper haul me out, bless her. My leg graze was painful this morning but a painkiller tablet sorted that out, otherwise all is well, particularly with the boat electrics. The paramedic left enough dressings for a few days with strict instructions to relax with my injured leg up and no walking around. Hence Lynne cruised a lock-less stretch of the Oxford canal for a couple of hours and has now disappeared to Tesco's for some "essential" supplies.
Once the essential supplies were loaded we continued our planned trip, encountering heavy traffic congestion in the vicinity of Tesco's, double mooring and some boating abuse to name but two,added to which our  bow thrusters packed up. A quick call to Johno and we were directed to an engineer at Rose narrowboats,just a little ahead of our position at the time. Rose narrowboats have a small swing bridge across the canal which Lynne offered to open given my temporary incapacity with my leg injury.
However, it took me some time to locate a suitable mooring spot by which time Lynne appeared on another narrowboat, whose bow thrusters had blown a fuse on there boat.The boat owner had offered to check our fuses for us as he had a spare, and within minutes our bow thrusters were working again.

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