Tuesday 7 July 2015

GUC Wendover arm

A beautiful cruising day allowed us to make considerable progress North on the Grand Union and unexpectantly explore the recently restored Wendover Arm, all one and a half lock less miles of it. Overall it is a major achievement but is narrow and not particularly scenic At the time of our visit it was considerably low on water which severely limited mooring and the winding hole at the end was partially blocked by some mindless twit mooring his/her boat there. Fearing we may be stuck for an unknown length of time we attempted to turn, using the moored boat as a "bounce point" and with the help of a friendly boater pulling our bow rope from the canal bank.
We reported the ignorantly moored boat to the Canal and River Trust volunteer lock keeper on the Marsworth flight later, but understandably he showed little concern.
9 double locks and 4 hours later we moored near the "Bluebell's" cafe where I collapsed onto my bed and slept solidly for several hours, physically and mentally exhausted.
We awoke to heavy rain and fierce winds, delaying continuation of our journey.  Considering my efforts yesterday I feel pretty good, but plan a less boisterous day if and when the weather breaks.

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