Thursday 16 July 2015


STardis Two's check over continues today following an unusual hypo during a short walk into Braunston village at round 20.00 last night, necessitating some emergency onsite action by Lynne and some assistance  by boaters getting me back to the boat safely, but scarey all the same. I have no idea why it happened as the day had not been excessively energetic and I ate a substantial roast lamb dinner prior to the walk. Perhaps I should get Johno to give me the once over? I feel OK today,as I did yesterday. The remaining boat batteries went down quite low this morning causing Lynne to run the engine in an attempt to save the freezer contents, only recently re-stocked.Johno was equally disappointed and has asked for reinforcements, or at least a second opinion, but suspects the dodgy battery has been dodgy long enough to drag the others down with it, which is not good news. While we await reinforcements 2 more new batteries have been fitted and we'll run the engine for a couple of hours or so and check the readings, so our elation was short lived and dived to sheer disappointment all within the space of a day. Quite honestly we are both wondering if the dream is shattered beyond repair and we settle for life ashore while we enjoy several long holidays abroad annually based on selling the boat. But today is not the time to decide.
To summarise, we have replaced five x 3 year old batteries with three x new batteries and replaced 3 partially worn alternator belts ( as a precaution) Johno will check things out again in the morning and, all being well, we can continue our journey home in the knowledge we have enough financial information to challenge MCC in the small claims court, given the apparent failure of Trading Standards to do so.
3 long years.  3 long years.
He who laughs last, laughs longest.
This blog will be published 1 day late due to Braunston apparently lying in a time warp with no internet and no mobile phone connection,so let's see what happens when we move tomorrow.

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