Tuesday 14 July 2015

Weedon Bec to Braunston. GUC

An overcast morning with drizzly rain. According to the milepost we're moored next to, Braunston is nine miles further up the Grand Union although with a long tunnel and several double locks along the way, but something to aim for I suppose. After an excellent night's sleep I feel refreshed and "ready to go", so that is what we'll do, weather permitting.
And that is what we did, eventually mooring in a wooded cutting to the north of Braunston tunnel, having traversed 7 double locks and 1 moron,who blatantly "stole" our lock already set for us with the lower gates open and then had the cheek to blame me for doing the same thing, but I  was fully supported by a following boater. Yet again the moron refused to adjust his stance and became quite abusive in front of "ladies" on his boat and Lynne, but hey-ho, the canal and river trust do not discriminate against morons so even I have to give the very few that unfortunately get to abuse these national assets the benefit of the doubt and attempt to ignore them on behalf of the vast majority of canal users with more than one brain cell each.
The joy with canals is that a moron like that is rarely encountered more than once or twice in a lifetime.
Mid-evening and it's raining again. If it rains tomorrow morning we can hide in the tunnel, but whether ,(excuse the inevitable and irresistible pun) it will be drier in there remains to be seen.

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