Wednesday 1 July 2015

G.U. Berkhamsted still

A bright, warm morning and still in Berkhamsted, the reason soon to be revealed. We have Sue's funeral to attend tomorrow in Leicestershire, although a decision has yet to be made regarding my ability to actually attend the service, given my fragile mental state and the illness/treatment similarities, but I at least intend going home for the day. Chloe has kindly offered to drive Lynne and myself back to Anstey,bless her, rather than go by train, which was our original intention but discarded on the grounds of cost and convenience when Chloe's kind offer was made.
I am not sleeping well at present and, as is traditional with the NHS, I am having difficulty in getting the promised counselling session at hospital. It seems they promise one thing and then expect the patient to discover who the intended doctor is, where he is,and make arrangements accordingly with the minimum of basic information to hand.
Today is not a good day, even the canal seems ever more tempting as the outside temperatures reach in excess of 30 c. Even the geese appear to prefer the lower temperatures inside the boat
Fortunately they opted to stay outside, despite some scarey moments. Personally I could have swopped places at any time but cowardice dictated I would not, why when logic tells me I could be happier? Perhaps I'm destined to be a tortured soul.

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