Saturday 11 July 2015

Gulliver's Land to blisworth on GUS

Milton Keynes to Blisworth on the Grand Union is difficult to judge where the city ends and the countryside begins, so well blended they have become. At Stoke Bruerne locks we joined forces with another boat crewed by Roger, Kim, Tara and Richard, who,with the help of CART volunteers made the 5 locks a doddle and a real laugh a minute, from where we headed to the nearest pub and then off towards  blisworth  tunnel  where I somehow ended up onTardis Two with three giggling women and the four guys on the other boat for the half hour tunnel trip,much wetter than our last one, but far more enjoyable. We re-jiggled the crews to their original configuration once we hit daylight and parted company soon after when we moored at Blisworth and they continued onwards to Northampton.
The day had been comfortably warm and quite enjoyable.

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