Sunday 5 July 2015

Another secret party

Our second "secret party" took place in Tadworth, near Epsom in Surrey yesterday, necessitating us getting a train from Berkhamsted to Euston station in London, the underground to Waterloo and a bus to Chessington, then a taxi to Paul's parents house in Tadworth where Paul had arranged a secret surprise BBQ for Chloe. Loads of people attended, including most of our family and lots of her friends.
It was fair to say she was suitably surprised and pleased, bless her. It makes a change for others to do something for her instead of visa-versa. A good time was had by all. We stayed in Chessington overnight with Tom and Hayley and returned to the boat this morning with nothing amiss. Lynne stocked up with essentials and we headed north for home, although the weather has taken a turn for the worse with cold temperatures requiring winter clothing again.

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