Thursday 14 August 2014


A showery morning greeted us for our trip through the last two bendy tunnels. We were the lead boat in a convoy of 4 . The longer tunnel has three distinct bends. Apart from clipping the tunnel entrance with the boat cabin front all progressed well. My first ever boat "accident", but luckily a dosh of paint should suffice, given a dry day. The tunnel suffered more damage than the boat, judging by the cement on the roof.
The shorter tunnel has two bends of quite substantial proportions ( for a tunnel ), but caused no problem. I have vowed to replace our puny headlight with something bigger and brighter. With more showers threatened we opted to moor overnight at Anderton and met all our contacts for any news on Sadie, but sadly there was none. Even so we opted for an evening search in the area, but again with no success, but then reluctantly moved on to a mooring in the middle of nowhere between Higher Shurlach and Middlewich, ready for our assault on the Llangollen canal.

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