Friday 29 August 2014

Sandstone trail

The canal this end contrasts considerably with the Welsh end, only wheat and sweet corn offering anything of particular interest.
Four lift bridges and an equal number of single locks, together with two sharp bends takes us to Wrenbury hall, a popular wedding venue.
After yesterday's adventures Lynne had vowed not to take Tardis Two through any more locks, but she fortunately had a re-think overnight and normal service was resumed today.
Marbury is one of the quietest places under the sun and quite picturesque. Last time I visited I got chatting to an old chap and asked him if he had lived there all his life, to which he quickly replied, " not yet". 
The sandstone trail is  a 55 kilometre walkers path offering outstanding views of Cheshire and Shropshire. Needless to say we did not sample it but, despite some dodgy locks, made it to Swanley Marina where we moored on the canal opposite the entrance. 
The day remained dry with sunny spells and a stiff, cool breeze, which got chillier and chillier as time passed.

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