Friday 15 August 2014


Our "quiet" mooring spot in the middle of nowhere was no such thing, as the other side of a hedge and thick scrub must have been a transport depot or warehouse where lorries were loaded, seemingly throughout the night, recalling memories on a previous trip when we moored a respectable distance from a Sleepezee warehouse where overnight lorry loading took place. Needless to say we have since been adverse to buying one of the bloody things. No sun today so far, but no rain either. I have yet to ascertain the temperature but the trees are already showing signs of an early autumn.
Healthwise, my body temperature control has returned to normal so no wooly hats and gloves yet, which saves embarrassment. I am feeling pretty good overall, although my dream all-over-hairstyle seems to be reverting to my pre-treatment bald patch. Can't have all the luck I suppose ?
Middlewich was busy. One of our bow thrusters gave up the ghost so we needed our excellent friends at Top Lock chandlery to advise us. Worn bushes were diagnosed and fitted in next to no time, and at a very acceptable price.
Lynne backed the boat in a very congested environment and off we went through the  Middlewich canal towards the Shropshire Union and the Llangollen. We moored in the middle of nowhere half way along the Middlewich canal with beautiful scenery and did a spot of sunbathing on the bank until dinner al-fresco with Pimms and wine. By the time we retired to bed our "middle of nowhere" site had attracted 5 more boats.
On the Bridgewater we managed to collect a weaved plastic post office bag around the propeller. In Manchester we collected 3mtrs of boat mooring rope and today on the Trent and Mersey we retrieved a metre of computer/printer wire. It is not a major hassle to remove and causes no long-term damage, but affects boat performance and handling while there. The Tardis propeller is quite near the surface so is easy see and to get to via the hatch in the engine compartment. Adds a bit of interest to the day.

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