Saturday 23 August 2014

Multi fuel stove/ Plas Newydd

Lynne lit the stove for only the second time since buying Tardis Two, which says all we need to about outside temperatures. There is an art to keeping these things alight and operating overnight which we have yet to perfect, but it remained alight this morning and the boat was "comfortable".
It is decision time regarding what we do today. By 5.00pm we have used our permitted time here in the basin and,to be honest, the decision could well be made for us by CRT staff, who may
 tell us we have to leave. Rules are rules and it is a Bank Holiday weekend, but either way we are not fussed. Our Welsh friends return from Italy today so meeting them somewhere convenient should not be a problem once they contact us. We're making best use of the electric and water supply by washing everything in sight, need it or not. Washing cannot be hung out to dry here but that we can do that back on the cut.
Our new Australian friends have already chugged off into the distance, but no doubt our canals will cross again sometime in the future. A neighbour at the basin recommended we look at a house in the town. We were going into town anyway to get a coal bucket and a newspaper, so why not? The house is called Plas Newydd and little publicised, which is a pity as it is a real treat with a colourful history
We had a lunch appointment with our neighbours so did not have time to tour the interior, but the exterior  more than compensated for this omission. We had a good Sunday lunch at the Bridge hotel (again), filled with water and emptied the oblutions before tackling the one-way canal system and aqueduct again (wind free this time, so no problem). We moored for the night next to Chirk marina. As you will have guessed our plea's to extend our stay fell on deaf ears, which greatly disappointed us. There is so much we have yet to see.
The horse drawn narrowboat "bus" and the steam train, both serving horseshoe falls.
The stove kept alight all day and the boat resembled a sauna, particularly as most of our washing was finished drying in there.
Lynne suffered a stomach upset but soldiered-on regardless, bless her.

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