Saturday 9 August 2014

Bridgewater/ Manchester/ Leeds& liverpool

Our mooring spot
A quiet night and a sunny morning with very cool breeze . We carried on with the Bridgewater canal until it mysteriously merged with the Leeds & Liverpool. In Manchester, canal bridges miss being named or numbered, unlike all others in Britain. We passed Astley Green Colliery with the old winch wheel still intact and Pennington Flash Country park lake created when old coal mines collapsed,and turned at Plank Lane lift bridge, where, inevitably  a huge housing estate is being built. We hope to meet my friend in Manchester tomorrow so intend mooring somewhere closer to our liaison point, yet to be arranged.

The above recycled lock gates I think must commemorate the 75 miners who perished in the 1908 disaster at Maypole pit. There is no sign or label to clarify.

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