Monday 18 August 2014

Grindly Brook

We woke to heavy rain so opted to tackle Grindly Locks as and when the weather improved. Everyone else had the same idea so some congestion resulted. Normally in these situations tempers get frayed but today everyone accepted the long delays, laughed and joked a bit and got on with it. The 6 locks took most of the afternoon. 3 "normal" followed by 3 "staircase", the latter in front of a gongoozler pub.
In hindsight we quite enjoyed the experience and made new friends into the bargain. By the time we moored for a late dinner it had started raining again.
A lock-keeper informed us where the Welsh border is (in fact the canal is the border for some distance). All will be revealed tomorrow, weather permitting.
Today was not a good one personally, but nothing  I could put my finger on or blame. Tomorrow is a new day.

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