Sunday 31 August 2014

Too-wit-too- woo.

Normally we go to bed listening to wood Pidgeon's cooing or ducks arguing, but last night was unique.
A Tawny Owl took up residence near the boat and entertained ( ? ) us for an hour or two before deciding he/ she had sufficiently dessimated Phoebe's local mouse supply before moving on or sleeping. Interesting.
A dry breeze less morning and not too cold. Our choices were to visit a local restored flour mill nearby or Beeston castle about a mile away. We chose the former as Lynne needed flour and the castle was outside her normal walking regime.
We set off for the mill, which the canal guide stated was open Saturday and Sunday afternoons,arriving somewhat exhausted just after midday. It opens at one ! Thinking things through we decided to walk  to the Anglo-Welsh hire-boat base, half way back to our boat and boasting a cafe, which was also closed and no hint of opening. With my need to eat and nowhere to do it we opted to return to Tardis.
I guess it was a round trip of at least 4 miles, which both of us found exhausting. So much for my improved fitness. My old welsh rugby player PE instructor at school would have said "fitness - improving".   Stamina - needs further work".
After a respectful period of rest and soup for lunch we opted to move on through two sets of locks in the hope of reconnecting with the outside world via TV, Internet and phone. The double locks on the "Shroppie" are particularly hard to operate, acknowledged by all boaters.
No particular problem with the first or second, apart from being exhausting, until I was due to re-board the boat, which started routinely. However, routine went out of the window as my foot touched the stern. They always reckon your life flashes before you at times of danger, the only thing that flashed before me as I surfaced above the water was " you Pratt".  Lynne shouted "swim", something that had already crossed my mind, but in all fairness she did manage to get the boat ( and the propeller ) out of the way and the life-saver ring over my head. The self - inflating life jacket then leapt into action,adding yet more drama to the situation, and as usual not a soul is around to help when you most need them.
Lynne got the ladder from the boat roof and I was able, like a drowned rat, to climb ashore. A quick, hot shower revealed I had scraped my previously troublesome leg. Having no phone connection we were unable to contact, in order of preference, a taxi (we thought the damage was insufficient to waste an ambulance crew's time),the family or a vet. We managed to get to the nearest pub, where else? They called a taxi, gave us cups of tea and coffee while we waited, and off we went to Chester hospital A & E, who discharged me within minutes of my arrival, advising a dry dressing and to drink lots of liquid to "flush my system."
I have taken a decision for Lynne's sake, to terminate this ludicrous adventure at the earliest convenience. The constant threats to my health, even if you discount the brain tumour, cancer, old age and diabetes already present , are not worth the pressure I put on her and the cat(s)
We need to fill with diesel and replenish gas supplies in the morning so blogging will continue whilst plans for the rest of my life are agreed and instigated.

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