Tuesday 19 August 2014

Whitchurch 2

Sunshine with fluffy clouds greeted us this morning. Trees are sparse so no dawn chorus, but the distant drone of the A525 can be heard. Shorts,tee shirts and sandals have been returned to storage as  temperatures are distinctly autumnal, necessitating the central heating boiler being used in the mornings, and it is still only mid-August.
In the sunshine it is very warm, but stray into the shade and the temperature drops considerably. The shop described in our guide as perfect for all our lunchtime food needs has disappeared without trace or explanation so we raided the fridge again.
The afternoon turned warm and sunny so we took the opportunity to explore a short offshoot of the Llangollen canal, built to transport clay for lining canals and burnt lime for agriculture. The Prees canal is a mile long and ends at the new Whixall marina, and very impressive it is too. The canal is very unspoilt, little used and consequently quiet. Lynne and I loved it.
We moored before the EllesmereTunnel ( 87 yards) and frustratingly remain in England, at least for today.
I feel much better today but still have no idea regarding the reason for yesterday's hiccup. 
Due to wi-fi gremlins this should have been yesterday's blog. Apologies if you got it twice.

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