Wednesday 6 August 2014


A warm and sunny "cruising" day. We spent the night moored on the spot where Sadie disappeared several days ago and walked around the adjacent nature park, evening and morning, looking for her, with no luck. Lots of people are looking out for her,all have my mobile number 
We could give guided tours of the nature park having spent lots of time there. It comes highly recommended. We filled with water and left for Manchester via the remainder of the Trent and Mersey, then the Bridgewater canal, involving 3 tunnels , none of which were straight. They were the first ever dug and digging them straight had yet to be perfected. The big plus points were that they were all "tall", none leaked and generally they were in good condition .  
The Bridgewater goes through some stunning scenery. We are moored in the midst of this scenery near Lymm
Which reminds me I've omitted to keep you up to date with how the captive bred gorilla family transferred from Port lympne to The wild in Africa is managing. djala and his family are doing very well, even though their island was accidentally invaded by another wild silverback gorilla following a storm and a fallen tree connecting the island with the mainland, which could have proved very dangerous for the youngsters. Remarkably, after a lot of screaming, banging and commotion Djala fought-off the wild interloper. Calm and Djala's dominance was quickly restored.  
You can keep up to date with the gorilla breeding and return to the wild programme via the  Howletts and Port Lympne web site. ( Aspinal foundation).

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