Friday 1 August 2014

T&M Big lock burger

A rainy day which we used to fill up with diesel,water, calor gas.........and us.  We moored in pouring rain just after the big lock and pub of the same name . The big lock is the first double one faced by Tardis Two and  we learned to only open one gate at a time, thus saving time and energy. Pleased with our fresh skills we popped into the Big Lock pub for dinner. The dinners are mega-sized and absolutely delicious. I had the big lock burger, which beat me by a mile, so no sweet and a bloated struggle to get back to the boat followed. Considering we had a quiet day we were both extremely knackered and collapsed into bed relatively early. I am well aware my fitness and strength still fall short of ideal, but I'm getting there, and fast.
The Trent and Mersey at this point assumes the might of the Amazon, wide and daunting but with less exotic wildlife.  This part of the canal will be the furthest north we have ventured on it, so should prove interesting.

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