Saturday 23 August 2014

Sunshine Wales

Awoke to freezing temperatures and sunshine, which makes a change. We went out to dinner last night with Hazel and Mark from Tasmania, but now moored next door in a dinky little Sea Otter. A small narrowboat made of aluminium. A pleasant evening overall. 
For some reason I had a disturbed night. The reason came to light this morning when I realised I had failed to have my pre-dinner insulin injection in the pub/restaurant as planned and I've only been doing it for 62 years !!! Stupid or what?  No harm done other than ruining my blood sugar records.
By mid morning the sun was inevitably replaced by showers but the air was slightly warmer. We are off into town and then horseshoe falls.
The town is really quaint and quite beautiful, but very hilly.
Mark and I set off for Horseshoe falls, a four mile round trip. All was well until halfway there when the heavens opened and we dived into Llangollen motor Museum, which proved interesting. The old lady on the desk took our money while the old man on the seat behind was either dead or asleep. It was the latter as his eyes were open when we left an hour or so later . The museum looks naff from the outside and is a little dusty inside, but houses lots of interesting old motorbikes,                                         Bentley's, Standard's,  
Triumph's, Aston Martin's and many more, but nothing flashy. I was tempted to rush back to the boat for a duster.
Our "plan" to avoid the rain worked as we emerged into bright sunshine and completed our walk to Horseshoe Falls ( see below )

A group of excited youngsters were preparing for white water rafting further downstream on the river
The canal starts as a small feed off the river Dee, via a tiny valve house (above ) which meters the flow of water into the canal. For the first mile or so of its journey the canal is accompanied by the Llangollen steam railway. Note how clear the canal water is at this point. However, the clear water continues for several miles.

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