Wednesday 20 August 2014

Llangollen. Ellesmere.

Sunny but cold this morning. We put our winter quilt on the bed last night, which improved things thermally for us.
Opposite where we moored is a caravan and camping club site, strangely deserted. Ahead is the short Ellesmere tunnel and Ellesmere itself, complete with shops and even a supermarket. Supplies are low so it will be a welcome sight.
My first visit to Tesco by boat and thus we hope to survive for a few more days. No pay and display here and no trolley's in the canal.
 Ellesmere looks a nice place and I recommend Vermeulen's delicatessen, selling warm pork pies, bread and delicious cold cream cakes. Avoid if you have an expanding,or non-shrinking, waistline.
We finally moored between bridge numbers 1W and 2W ,the first and second bridges in Wales on this canal, so we've arrived. Yippee.

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