Monday 19 January 2015

Black Monday

The coldest night of the year ( we are still only in January ) and Phoebe has been to see the vet. She has been off her food for days, occasionally sick and generally lethargic. The vet was flummoxed but arranged a blood test, which is not good news for Phoebe, us or our Bank manager.
The dreaded phone call was received around midday, but was not good news. She has a large stomach tumour but is not in pain. She is aged 15, apparently good for domestic cats. We need to make a fatefull and extremely painfull decision fairly soon, although we have opted to " think things through" prior to deciding. Sadness prevails.
On a brighter note I feel good, no fuzzy head, tiredness etc, and suffered no muscle aches or pains, despite a long slog round shops this afternoon.

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