Friday 2 January 2015

Technology 2

Further to yesterday's blog I recalled the first Daewoo TV's arriving in the UK, one of which we unfortuneately purchased but it was impossible to set-up using their instruction booklet. We became increasingly frustrated, as did several technology geeks subsequently. Rather than throw the thing out of the window we phoned Daewoo, who happened to be based on an industrial estate less than a mile from where we lived at the time. The guy there asked if we were using the Daewoo instruction booklet, when we replied "yes" he laughed and recommended shredding or burning it as it was apparently an early badly translated example of the original Korean version. True to his word he sent a properly translated version the next day, which worked perfectly, as did the TV for many years. The TV quality control system obviously worked, but why not have a similar one for the set-up booklet ?
However, I do not intend criticising anything Korean at this time.

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