Friday 9 January 2015

Bacon sandwich 2

With the downstairs resembling a travellers camp I opted to get a bus to HSBC ( the world's local Bank ) in Leicester to pay in a Christmas cheque. The world's local bank used to be just round the corner but is now 4.5 miles away ( sod the customers but admire the profits). The nice young lady told me I could pay cheques into my account via the village Post Office.Why hadn't they said so when they closed our"local" branch ?
The 4 Banks in our village centre will soon become 2.
Yet another "new" blood sugar monitor arrived this morning ( see 01/01/15 blog ) virtually identical to the previous one only this time with "ordinary" batteries, not rechargeables, thus doing away with the need for an electric supply or a generator. Surely my letter and subsequent rant at the customer services officer ( whoever invented that title ? ) were noted and acted upon. I guess I was not the only one. I felt sorry for the young lady afterwards because she obviously had little knowledge of diabetes and was confident all diabetics are old, decrepid and never stray away from hospitals or OAP homes.
She seemed astounded some diabetics travel and camp across the Serengeti and/or the Australian outback with no electric supply or generator. She has now been enlightened and probably is still trying to remove the flea from her ear.  If I ever make it up the Amazon I"ll send her a postcard.

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