Tuesday 20 January 2015


The predicted snowstorm arrived around 10pm with snowflakes the size of ping-pong balls, which settled initially. Any traces of settled snow had gone by daybreak today, disappointing the majority of schoolchildren and some adults, I'm sure.
We still have the kitchen and downstairs toilet doors to paint, but otherwise the kitchen updates are complete. The room looks immaculate already and smells remarkably fresh, due to a large pot of white hyacinths flowering on the window cill. Bulbs in the garden are obviously not so advanced, but spring is certainly approaching (conveniently ignoring the snowstorm ! ). 
Phoebe's health continues to improve, as does mine. No aches, no pains, despite yesterday's gardening exploits. ( me, not the cat ). It is a great relief to see her eating, drinking and behaving "normally" again following the terrific scare she gave us a couple of days ago. An amazing improvement, considering the vet had given up hope with her. Luckily we and Phoebe had other idea's, although we will be closely monitoring her over the next few days/weeks.

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