Sunday 18 January 2015

Sunday musings

A few days ago I sneeked a visit to Old John in Bradgate park.Lynne dropped me off at the nearest entrance gate and collected me a few minutes later. Whilst the distance from park gate to Old John is around a quarter mile but unfortuneately it is on a sort of  mountainside. I managed it without too much trouble but have suffered for it since with aching leg and thigh muscles. Serves me right I suppose.
Owen completed hanging the kitchen blinds before the Arsenal v Man City kick off which also gave me time to finish my book "sole survivor", by Dean Koontz ,a cracking read. It took me ages to decide if it is a novel or for real, but it evolved into an absorbing mystery thriller with subtle twists and an unexpected ending. I seldom get hooked by a book, but this was magnetic. Thoroughly recommended.
I have been feeling a little unsteady of late, particularly when first standing up from a chair or bed. A friend loaned us a blood pressure monitor which revealed my pressure is slightly on the low side so I need to concentrate on getting hydrated again. No problem.

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