Thursday 8 January 2015

More of the same

Still raining. Projects for today include rewiring the bedside lamp, attempting to solve the mystery of the non-working phones and redecorating the kitchen.
12.30.   Phones working ( a dodgy wire in the drinks cupboard).
3.00.     I Was beginning to feel like a bacon sandwich at a bar mitzvah (Owen was almost finishing the kitchen first coat and Lynne was in great phone demand by the family, with her sister due into hospital any time soon as her breast cancer may have returned and her ex Mother in Law is in hospital following a stroke, whilst her alcoholic ex husband is "broke" and knows nothing about it, similar to his alcoholic and broke brother in Spain. Visits to hospitals and AA centres loom large). Anyway, I retired to bed, out of the way.
The hypo mysteries have also been solved, simply by swopping insulin. Whilst all insulin phials carry a manufacture and use by date, their structure can alter if exposed to non-refridgerator temperatures, even for short periods. The new phial seems "normal".

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