Friday 9 January 2015

The long and winding road

If I had written this blog last night it would have been more positive. No so, this morning.The kitchen furniture/shelves etc, painted with silk-finish gloss yesterday, remains "drying" on the living room floor, but is still sticky, long after it should have dried, indicating a possible fault with the paint. My guess regarding a solution (excuse the pun) is to wait longer for it to dry ( unlikely ), turn up the central heating or, heaven forbid, remove the offending paint and repaint with some new stuff, extending the finish target by a week or so.  Owen, our friend and painter, is due to return home today, but has yet to wake from watching yet another late-night TV film, so a decision on the way forward will have to wait. Bearing in mind any disruption tends to affect my life balance this whole episode is just what I needed....not.
My sleep patterns have not been good lately so I will return to bed in a minute.
Lynne and Owen opted to refit the shelves, pot rack and fittings in my sleepy absence and very nice they look, too, although nothing is to be placed on them for a day or two. The offending paint pot has been suitably discarded.
The bedside light has been replaced following my demolition job on the previous one, so we are almost   
back on level ground once again.
Normal life ( whatever that is ) returns.

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