Saturday 3 January 2015

Parallel universe

I had a hypo (low blood sugar) at 0300, which strangely stranded me in a parallel universe for a couple of hours. I have excellent memories of what I thought was going on at time (as opposed to what actually was going on), which is unusual, but I will "keep my powder dry" and postpone sharing/blogging my thoughts  and theories on this occasion, for fear of those imbecile self-important top managers and consultants at Leicester Royal mis-enterpreting them to support their own agenda's.
As usual Lynne handled the incident brilliantly, even playing along with the scenario for some considerable time, which allowed me to catch up with reality fairly quickly.
Today started wet and mild so our proposed shopping trip was put in the "pending tray", to allow us to catch up on some lost sleep.
Lack of sleep apart I feel OK, which is encouraging.

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