Thursday 29 January 2015

Phoebe & village idiot reports

The sad loss of Phoebe has inevitably hit us hard. A loving and friendly companion for 15 long years, she will be greatly missed. Yesterday morning the stomach tumour was clearly uncomfortable and painful for her, and after long discussions with the vet it was obvious decision time had been reached.  She had arrived with her sister Sadie in January 2000, courtesy of the RSPCA. Sadie was the adventurous , active and unsocial one, whilst Phoebe was the opposite, laid back, relaxed and extremely friendly, but by far the best mouser. We have heard nothing of Sadie since her disappearance near the Anderton lift last August, but being "chipped" it will only be a vet  who discovers her real name and home address, so all is still not lost. Knowing Sadie she is living the life of Riley in a mansion near the canal somewhere.
Sadly, my fitness was severely tested by digging Phoebe's grave in our back garden during a particularly ferocious snow storm which continued for several hours. After a quick shower and change of clothes no aches or pains have yet appeared, but the psychological wounds will remain. Both my hospital visits this week ( head scan and drugs review ) have had very,very positive results, but Phoebe's negative news has knocked my euphoria  for six,sadly and my "village idiot" syndrome has returned to haunt me after a long absence. Eric Morcambe ( of Morcambe and Wise fame and one of my comedy heroes) was once asked what he would have been, had he not become a famous comedian. His immediate reply was "Bernie Winters" (the thick half of the Mike and Bernie Winters
"Comedy" duo), a role I am apparently filling at present. Let me explain. Yesterday Lynne bought two chocolate hearts, which she left on the living room table as sugar "top up" before, during and after  my grave-digging exertions. She mentioned them briefly before going to the vets. However, it later transpired only 1 of the hearts was for me and I was asked several times during the remainder of the day for the whereabouts of heart 2, of which I had no recollection ( not unusual post-radiotherapy  and the apparent brain collateral damage). The search continued late into the evening throughout the entire house, car, clothes, cupboards and kitchen waste bin, where the two wrappers were eventually disentangled. As chief (and only suspect) I was prepared to admit I could possibly have eaten both at sometime throughout the day but had no recollection of doing so.
The whole country has a very pretty covering of snow with more to come, apparently. Whether Lynne will be able to undertake her planned trip to London remains to be seen.
A quick walk down to the village for a newspaper revealed the pavements were like ice rinks, whilst the main roads were clear and the minor roads were quickly thawing, thus we set off for London around lunchtime and arrived at Chloe's in time for tea, largely in bright sunshine but cold temperatures. Lynne in particular is knackered, what with the recent long stints of driving and the Phoebe situation, closely followed by me for similar reasons. The break from home should do us both the world of good, giving Lynne the chance of a hair overhaul and me a session with Fiona, my irreplaceable chiropractor ,working on my various aches and pains. In addition a couple of good nights sleep will not go amiss. Onwards and upwards.

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