Monday, 1 April 2013


This photo is of Tardis Two moored outside the workshop for the first time, nearly complete. Believe it or not the bow Tardis Two names are obliterated by sun reflections. For those of you too young to remember, the sun was a large yellow ball-type object high in the clear blue sky from which heat beamed to earth. Countries like Africa and India tended to see it more than we did and thus were warmer. Thanks to global warming this has all changed and yesterday northern Scotland was colder than the arctic. Over the weekend we had two opportunities to show relatives the boat and were able to check for interior "snags" (minor issues requiring attention). Fortunately very few were found but on our next visit we will be fully armed with a snag-list. The swans were as grumpy as ever, particularly when they realised I had forgotten the bread promised for their tea. A couple of angry taps on the window and they were off in a huff, ganging-up on an unfortunate Coot as they went.

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