Sunday, 31 March 2013

Captains Kirk & Pugwash

No snow today. Sunshine but still cold. Welcome to British Summertime. Tardis Two was floating in the marina today looking truly stunning in the sunshine. We fed our first swans from aboard, both having tapped on the galley window for attention. We'll take some spare bread tomorrow as I'm sure crumbled chocolate biscuits are not ideal for them. It is always with trepidation I visit Birmingham, but always buoyed with the knowledge several famous characters in history visited uncharted far-flung places and still lived to tell the tale. Christopher Columbus. Doctor Livingstone. Sherpa Tensing. Neil Armstrong. Captains Cook, Kirk, Blake and Pugwash, Indiana Jones and James Bond, to name but a few. Once again I survived not only the city, but a three hour mass and christening (not mine).

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