Thursday, 7 March 2013

Go North

Overcast this morning with the usual cold wind, more noticeable with my new haircut. The weather forecasters say the wind is from "the continent" but my guess it is from the North. My weathervane remains in the shed. I can only put it up when I discover which way is North. According to maps Old John is North but that could cover several degrees. I need to find a boy scout ( to borrow his compass, not for any Jimmy Saville moments !). It rained all afternoon. We have yet another lead on the blind trail, having been recommended to a shop in Rugby. If I never see another blind it will be too soon.Health-wise not a good day resulting in me sleeping all afternoon. The old fuzzy head syndrome. Blood sugar was high again this morning for some unknown reason. Life is like a juggling act at the moment but the circling plates keep falling off the poles.I have an appointment with our local surgery diabetic nurse for the first time in the morning, which should prove interesting. Not sure if we'll make another visit to the boat tomorrow, having seen it Monday. Don't want to overstate our interest or give the impression of constantly watching them, poor dears.

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