Monday 25 March 2013

Weather wardrobe

No more snow but the stuff already here is going very slowly. Freezing cold wind but reasonably warm out of it. The roller-blind kit finally arrived today, better late than never. Typical of our luck, particularly when ordering anything by phone or online, it was the wrong length and contained the wrong number of ball bearings (essential for smooth operation of an upside-down blind apparently). A quick phone call to the company for some advice, a hacksaw, a screwdriver and my extensive DIY skills rescued the situation. Lynne worked tirelessly throughout the day to complete the blind for the large boat front bedroom window, ingeniously an upside-down sprung tapered roller-blind to accommodate the sloping window sides and the lack of room above it. No roller-blind manufacturer was prepared to make it so the kit and elbow grease were the only alternatives. Full marks to Lynne for a brilliant production which we are confident will fit and operate successfully. The proof will be revealed on our next boatyard visit. Watching the frequent daytime TV weather reports/forecasts Lynne commented on the poor quality of the presenters clothing. I assume the East Midlands weather department wardrobe allowance has been hit by the recession, resulting in raids on local charity shops and jumble sales. We are making up a charity suitcase for them, full of our old clothes. Watch out for one of the male presenters wearing well-worn C&A jingles flared jeans, (hopefully with the bells removed).

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