Saturday, 16 March 2013

Red nose day

It rained all night and all day. The flood plains Our meeting with the signwriting man proved interesting and deflating. His quote for Tardis Two/ Lynne and John on each side plus Tardis two twice on the bow proved extremely expensive to the point where it became way beyond our budget. We agreed to let him know our thoughts on Monday. In the meantime Eddie promised to give us a quote for stick-on alternatives, having shown some examples on boats in the marina, which we liked, particularly when we heard the likely price of half that of the signwriters. The boat now has working bow-thrusters complete with trendy switches next to the throttle, a galley-top and hob. We had another very pleasant lunch with friends at The Dragon and I had another dizzy spell (fit?)this evening. These are now becoming far too frequent (the fits, not the meals) for my liking and merit further investigation. I'll try a quiet day tomorrow to see if it improves the situation. Yesterday and today have been fund-raisers for the BBC Children in need appeal-_red nose day, hence the irrelevant title.

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