Wednesday 6 March 2013

Back to basics

Overcast today so far. Forecast not good. Cutting grass for a friend today by way of thanks for his help with mattress transport yesterday. Haircut planned for later ( which one? Lynne always asks) Other than that a bit of book writing will not go amiss. It sounds easy but takes up a lot of time and brain memory space. Even converting my blog to a book is time consuming as it has to be changed to past text and book-e-fide. (Just made that word up but hopefully you'll know what I mean .) Boat insurance arranged (not with the naval company). TARDIS TWO has a 3 month warranty after which we'll join the boat equivalent of the AA. Boat registration and licensing still to be arranged,then we're all set for cruising into the sunset. On the subject of cruising we have reconsidered our recent plans to visit Crick and Henley. Our original commitment was to cruise continually at our own pace without deadlines so two visits close together we considered alien to our aspirations. Maybe future years, one at a time? The 2 weddings in July fit with our plans to visit London so remain in our diary.

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