Monday, 11 March 2013

3 old ladies

Snow showers and freezing winds today, Spring is in the air. My doctor's appointment went well this morning, nothing much to worry about. Chest xray OK so no advance on finding why I have a permanent cough. Blood test OK so no worries on the liver functions and cholestrol levels. Our new doctor is brilliant and really on the ball, but as nutty aa a fruit cake, bless her. She is going to arrange counselling for my depression, dates to be confirmed. Returning home we discovered the downstairs toilet door was locked from the inside, although no-one was inside. Remember the old school song "Oh dear what can the matter be, three old ladies locked in the lavatory, they were there from Monday to Saturday, nobody knew they were there". Attacking it with screwdrivers failed to open the door and in the end our favourite local builder came to the rescue. I have a little repair work to do on the door but at least we can use the loo. We received a phone call to visit MCC as the boat is almost finished and they required our approval prior to issuing the final invoice. On arrival it was immediately obvious Tardis Two is virtually complete. The galley is now fully equipped, the mattress is aboard (after a bit of a struggle apparently!)and the exterior paintwork is complete, including cream coach-lines. The engine runs very quietly, as does the central heating boiler. The electric plugs and wall-light fittings arrive tomorrow, the windows Wednesday. The invoice was pretty much as expected but still considerably above available funds. Apparently the Liverpool Building Society are currently (excuse the pun) offering loans at the lowest-ever interest rate so that will be our first point of call tomorrow, failing that we can max both our credit cards and live with the consequences for a year or two. We keep telling ourselves it will all work out OK in the end, which it will. FOOTNOTE: LBS do not "do" loans so over to plan B.

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