Friday, 1 March 2013

Light at tunnel end

Overcast but pleasantly warm. No boat photo's today as one cupboard looks much the same as another. More bits and pieces added internally, chrome mushrooms (vents) fitted on roof , some diesel in tank (but nowhere near being full to 250 litre capacity), lubricating oil added , radiator full and engine ready for use. Undercoats completed and topcoats started. Boat scheduled to be completed in two to three weeks. Due to the ever decreasing timescale Lynne has ordered the three bedroom blinds ( 1 large, 2 small) from a nearby manufacturer so at least we will be able to sleep in peace. The lounge blinds can be completed anytime. Both the shower and toilet will have obscure glass so no problems there. I need to finalize arrangements for insurance and licensing. Our bed-settee will be delivered to MCC sometime within the next two weeks. We have agreed to deposit our super-duper two tonne mattress at MCC next Friday, which should prove interesting.............."Final invoice" promised asap. (Gulp)............ On the way to Stenson we pass a very large roundabout on the main road with some trees and hundreds of molehills. Bearing in mind moles are not fast on their pins (above ground at least) how did they get there? Was the road built round them? Do they have lollipop moles in high-viz jackets at certain times of the day? Health-wise another good day so far. When I have a cold, flu or any other illness my blood sugar rises, as it has done over recent "dizzy" days. I have tweaked my insulin to remedy this with great success. My blood sugar is now OK which in turn seems to have improved my head problems. Why I do not know, but don't try this at home if you're diabetic unless under very close medical supervision or you have sixty years experience like me.

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