Thursday, 28 February 2013

six steps forward,three steps back

Sunny with blue sky and no clouds. Bad day for CAS members.Sorry. Following my long period of relative healthyness life took a turn for the worst yesterday. A restless night, floppy arms and five evening dizzy spells (fuzzyheadedness). Not good news. The only plus point being locating Walkers crisps. Having done a bit of homework it appears Golden Wonder and Smiths morphed into Walkers, hence the monopoly (excluding own-brands). But I diverse. No walk today for obvious reasons but I'll try to contact relevant experts in an attempt to find if my current troubles are merely a passing phase or something more serious. No doubt I will be asked to undertake yet another brain scan at St.Georges hospital, Tooting at great expense and time which will reveal nothing has changed and the advice again to "just get on with things", which I intend to do anyway. I've not got this close to the boat to give up now. As usual Lynne acts as my pillar (in every sense of the word) throughout each episode with the result I do not hit the floor or any other damaging obstruction. I'll pass the time with a spot of gardening and admiring the pylons yet again. Boat day tomorrow to update progress and see if we can get some idea of final price now all the pluses and minuses can be taken into account. Hopefully we'll then get some idea of our financial shortfall and how to rectify it. Blog title? Must be something to do with my age.

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