Monday 25 February 2013

Tardis introduction service

Drizzle and cold today. Still managed my walk though. We are trying to coordinate the finishing touches to Tardis Two. We have a few large, heavy items (currently in storage at home) to MCC. A friend with a vintage campervan (for the want of a better description)has offered to provide the transport and muscle required. One item is a box containing a folding table and four chairs. The other is a mattress, but not any old lightweight job. We changed our decrepid old mattress in our previous home several years ago and invested in a Harrison hand-made one containing six thousand springs (no kidding) The cover is made from wool sheared from their own flock apparently. Although expensive it is the most comfortable mattress we've ever owned. As we will be living on the boat we decided to buy another. Because of the weight and the fact it cannot be folded we suggested they build the boat around it, but they refused as they could not guarantee it's condition on boat completion. It has been a consistent joke throughout the build process and the MCC crew still don't believe us. We cannot wait to see their reaction when it arrives although we are fairly confident it will get through the rear door and to the front bedroom, hernia's permitting. Today is blind practice day. Lynne and friend Sue aim to settle on designs and manufacture. We should have some idea of timescales too. We are already organising trips to important events during the summer. Going anywhere requires considerable forward planning due to the four mph top speed. Crick Boat Show is from 25th to 27th May and is a must for the narrow boating fraternity, but interesting for others. It is for the real ale, black or green wellington brigade. Crick is on the Grand Union Canal above Watford Gap so the weather should be warmer than down South, although it usually rains. Avoid high heels (women and men). Other than windcheaters and waterproof footwear dress style is optional.Road access is available. Henley Regatta is from 3rd to 7th July. Racing from 0900 to 1930 approximately. For the men striped blazers and straw boaters are not essential. Dark blazers, chinos with a shirt and tie are required. For the ladies, dresses should be below the knee. Hats are recommended but not essential.Trousers and/or jeans are a no-no, as are wellies.Henley is for the Pimms brigade which,if properly prepared, offers refreshment and virtually all your 5 a day requirements. Henley is not as posh and stuffy as you would imagine. It offers a very good day out and the chance to bump into eligible olympians. We also have a couple of weddings to attend mid-July in South London which will involve cruising on the river Thames and the Grand Union Canal.

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