Saturday 23 February 2013

Stenson Magnet

Eskimo weather again today but with dandruffy snow this time. The magnet that is Stenson operated again, drawing us over, this time with friends from London. (that's our excuse anyway). Of course nothing had changed since yesterday but we did have a chance to spend some time on Tardis Two alone, testing shower doors and drawers etc. In the next bay is a completed New and Old Boat Company Aqualine example, due for display at the Crick show in June, from which we gleaned lots of useful ideas and comparisons. Our friends were impressed with the room and light in Tardis Two and somewhat in awe of the Sixty two foot length. The "discussions" over toilet sinks and Galley-tops appear to have been settled. After lunch at the Dragon (again) we headed home in ever-increasing snowfall. Our next visit is scheduled for Friday the 1st March, ever closer to boat completion.

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