Thursday, 7 February 2013

Old John

Correct personal number plates fitted today by the same dislexic Halfords employee, not well, but fitted all the same. Having lived here for over 5 months I finally decided it was time I visited Bradgate Park. Equipped with walking boots and warm,waterproof clothing I set off on foot to the park entrance nearest Newtown Linford from where I continued walking through the park to Cropston, past the original Bradgate House dating back to 1490 (but now in ruins), past the old stable buildings (now a cafe and toilets)and around what appears to be a lake when in the park, but turns out to be a reservoir for the Severn Trent water company when viewed from outside. It looks polluted (brown scum on the edges)but I assume the water is pure once it reaches our taps. The park is vast, dominated by Old John on top of a very large hill (or small mountain if you are from the Netherlands). Due to the very wet conditions I did not attempt climbing the hill but I am reliably informed Old John was originally a working windmill dating back to 1749, later partly retained as a memorial to old John the miller, tragically killed by an accident involving a large bonfire on the site in 1786. There are several herds of Fallow and Red deer in the park, two fallow bucks having a practice fight whilst I walked closely by. I'm not ashamed to admit my legs ached badly by the time I made Cropston, fully two miles from home. A quick phone call ensured I was rescued by Lynne in our new number-plated car and whisked home before the pouring rain could cause any problems. I would love a deep,hot bath to ease my aches and pains but, as we don't have one, I'll settle for a shower and a long rest in my luxurious swivel chair. We aim to visit MCC again tomorrow when I should have some boating news for you.

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