Wednesday 13 February 2013

Warm Tilt ?

Our trip to London was uneventful, other than meeting three of our siblings in one day, which was great. The journey home this evening was initially in heavy snow, then heavy rain. Only one accident was passed on the motorway, surprisingly involving a white van, but several looney's were encountered, icluding two with no lights and several changing lanes without signalling or having a space to move into. I noticed in a newspaper today the BBC have edited one of David Attenborough's comments for repeats of his latest masterpiece "Africa" whereby he mentioned that due to global warming over recent years the temperature of the continent has risen by 3.5 degrees (note the decimal point)which is apparently untrue. This is a big admission by the BBC who have been publicising global warming since almost before it was first thought of. A fellow wildlife front-man, David Bellamy (remember him?)has not worked for the BBC since he denounced global warming as "balderdash" many years ago. Who am I to say if global warming exists but I wonder what the BBC would have made of the ice age, had they been around at the time? In the meantime we are pressurised into recycling at least half of our waste so it can be transported to and landfilled in India or China who,along with the USA, are the biggest Carbon producers on earth. Also to reduce our "carbon footprint" (???) we are rushing into more nuclear power stations, even though we have no idea what to do with the highly toxic nuclear waste currently in temporary storage. Meanwhile Brazil, Malaysia and the Congo, amongst others, are "harvesting" rain forests at a rate beyond belief. Then we wonder why the world's climate and weather patterns appear to be changing. I read a theory by some scientist or other who stated as fact the arctic is shrinking whilst the antarctic is expanding. He suggested perhaps the earth has tilted on its axis. Interesting eh?

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